In the Labor Law area we offer our clients complete and operative services, but we always try to find the most optimal solutions for legal and labor issues which rely on the law and the needs of clients, especially when it comes to:

–          The compilation of rules,

–          The compilation of general laws in the field of labor relations, safety, fire protection, protection from ionizing radiation, sanitary safety, garbage disposal etc.

–          Concluding all kinds of contracts in the area of Labor Law, especially the permanent/temporal contracts of the employees and managerial contracts,

–          Negotiation about the collective contracts, temporal/permanent contracts and managerial contracts and their rights and obligations,

–          Economic and social programs of extra employees,

–          Sending employees to work abroad or in other business enterprises,

–          Regulation of rights and obligations in relation to staff training,

–          Similar issues in area of Labor Law.

In addition to these services, we can represent our clients in courts in the case of employment dispute, and in the labor-law arbitration. Litigation

Our foreign clients can be represented before the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the proceeding of obtaining work permits and residence permits.  Administrative proceeding